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Israel Shalom Israel prides itself on being an international non-profit Jewish association. Our mission is to boldly proclaim our unconditional love for Israel in all nations. We make known the beauties and nobility of our people, also our Jewish music and the culture of our people. We proclaim justice and admiration for Israel with courage and firm determination. This organization is made up of an impressive number of Jews, Orthodox, Liberals, Reformers, as well as Messianic-Jews and Jewish-Christians with Jewish souls. Together we express our unconditional support for Israel. We denounce the injustices that are continually being committed against Israel in international forums and assemblies. Our Association strongly repudiates the publications of the international press because they lie. They change the truth of what really happens for certain interests. Regarding religion, our association does not pronounce itself in favor of any issue of this nature. We avoid by all means that other people feel attacked in their faith and personal conviction. We prevent discussions and controversies from being formed over any religious concept, however correct it may be, because it is not a matter of religion, but of love for Israel. We know the situation in the Jewish country, we know that there are more than a billion people of the Muslim religion who have declared themselves enemies of Israel and express themselves with great hatred. They are our neighbors and they have sworn to destroy the Hebrew State, they want to erase it so that they are not a nation. They have an uncontrollable desire to destroy our small country and we remember it repeatedly: there are more than a billion who want to exterminate us, while the Jews are about 14 million. The Israeli family denounces the injustices that are unceasingly committed in international hearings and conventions. This is why we welcome non-Jews who are friends of Israel; to the Jews who are in the diaspora, to the thousands of descendants of those who were deported at the time of the inquisition, who feel inside their souls a great love for the country. Our association starts from the heart of Israel in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, other cities of Israel and extends to all the nations of the world. We have delegates and representatives of our organization in Asia, Africa, India, Europe and in America, the United States, Central and South America. We are a great family that becomes the voice of Israel among the nations in these difficult times. We are not a religious or political voice, but the voice that cries out for justice, love and admiration for Israel through a close relationship with the Eternal. We invite you to see Israel with eyes of love. Today we ask for your prayers for the peace of Jerusalem and the rest of the country. Thank you for being part of our town!

Legal aspect

Israel Shalom Israel issues a serious warning to anyone who constitutes an enemy of Israel. Whoever it. The organization was established in accordance with the state and federal laws of the United States of America. It is legally registered and protected in 171 countries. The Association owns titles, images, emblems and official stamps of Israel with all Rights Reserved. For this reason, the use of the official name of this organization is prohibited. In no way can you threaten, defame, slander or make false profiles and publish them on social networks as this constitutes a crime that can be treated in any country. We will be attentive to the cases that arise. Immediate legal actions will be taken against the people who incur in these acts or against whoever attempts (whoever it is) against the members of this Association. Lawyers and notaries in any of the 171 countries may intervene to oblige to pay financially the usurpation of intellectual property. Lawsuits will be made, even embargoes will be made in accordance with international laws and will be prosecuted for injuries and falsehoods.

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